Interaction of a magnet and a coil


The thread has a current in a magnetic field magnetic force. The direction of force depends on the position of the magnet to the wire and the direction of current through the conductor.

Educational phase: fixační, diagnostická


Required aids+

  • magnet coil
  • stand
  • battery
  • AC power cable.


Experiment instructions+

E134_S002 The coil is suspended in a rack and connected to the battery. Magnet to hold off on the hands and close to the coil.
E134_S003 Opposite poles attract.
E134_S004 Consistent poles repel.


According to Ampere's rule right-hand rule is induced in the coil poles, which interacts with the magnet poles. Since opposite poles of the magnets (and therefore the coils) attract, draw mahnet coil, or vice versa. In the case of opposite poles will repel.

Experiment video+

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